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Shaped vs. Round Strings – Which is Right for You? Find out here

Today’s tennis market offers a wide range of strings with distinct characteristics. The shape of the string adds even more variety to the mix. Whether shaped or round, each comes with a unique set of performance benefits. Are you looking for maximum spin? Or maximum depth to the ball? In our comprehensive guide, discover which string – shaped or round – is right for you.

What is a shaped string?

Barb Wire string has a twisted design to generate extreme spin on the ball.

What do I need to know about shaped strings?

Why should I use a shaped string?

Current Solinco shaped strings

What is a round string?

Hyper-G Round has a smooth texture with a round profile enabling players to hit deeper into the court.

What do I need to know about round strings?

Why should I use a round string?

Current Solinco round strings

  • Outlast
  • Hyper-G Round (coming soon)
A close-up of Outlast, Solinco’s high-performance round co-poly string, endorsed by Jenson Brooksby.

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