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The Poly-Poly Hybrid Advantage from Equipment Expert, Roman Prokes

Endless Customization for the Modern Player

Traditionally, hybrid stringing involved combining poly with gut or multifilament strings, a method endorsed by legends like Sharapova, Federer, Williams, and Djokovic. However, for players accustomed to a full bed of poly, this change was often too drastic.

Setup 1: Hyper-G Round in the mains, Hyper-G in the crosses

Setup 2: Hyper-G in the mains, Hyper-G Round in the crosses

The Hybrid Advantage

We started playing around with shaped strings mixed with round poly, and blending soft and stiffer strings. This is where the new Hyper G and Hyper G Round was born. It offers easy answers to all the “but” responses out there.” – Roman Prokes

Catch Roman in this tennis equipment deep dive with Craig Shapiro.


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