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The Ultimate Guide to Junior Tennis Equipment from Expert Coaches

1. Assess the Player

Before selecting a racquet, take time to assess the player. Consider factors such as their age, skill level, and strength. This will help you determine the equipment setup that suits them and sets them up for long-term success.

Team Solinco’s Nathan Lee (12) plays with the Whiteout 290, weighing 290 grams.

2. Choose a Racquet Based on Length, Weight, and Grip Size

Jr Shadow 19 – Length 19 in ; Headsize 88 sq. inch ; Weight 190 g

Jr Shadow 21 – Length 21 in ; Headsize 93 sq. inch ; Weight 200 g

Jr Shadow 23 – Length 23 in ; Headsize 98 sq. inch ; Weight 210 g

Jr Shadow 23 – Length 25 in ; Headsize 102 sq. inch ; Weight 230 g

3. Choose strings that work best for kids 12 and under

*Solinco’s junior racquets come prestrung with a multifilament string.

4. Choose strings that work best for kids 13 and up

5. What are the signs that indicate a junior player might be using the wrong equipment?

6. Is there other junior-specific equipment designed for training and development?

The Bottom Line

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