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“Usually, lightning leads to a blackout. This time, the Blackout led to lightning.” By Jon Levey | Seven racquet companies, two frames from each. One is sure to be a perfect match for your game. HOW WE TEST: Several samples were requested of every racquet reviewed. Each model was either strung with the manufacturer’s recommended…

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Mike Bryan Solinco Interview

Mike Bryan “Heard players talking about [Solinco strings] in the locker room. Saw a lot of players using [Hyper-G]. It seemed like the new buzz was Solinco! So we decided to switch right before the US Open and fell in love with it.” “Right away we noticed increased control, more power–which we wanted…my arm had…

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Racket Nut : Solinco Racquet Review w/ REDFOO

Red Foo “What’s up party people! Solinco sent me the new racquet! … I just want to say big shout to Solinco, they sent me strings, I’m tight with them. They gave me a new bag…it’s all green and stuff!” “Wow, solid baby, wow!” Ransom “ This is my new racquet” Red Foo “This racquet…

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Racquet Preview: Solinco Blackout & Whiteout []

The brand best known for its high-performance strings is adding two new racquet lines to its portfolio — By Jon Levy via (Original Article) Tour Bite. Hyper-G. Confidential. Players who know string, know Solinco. While the company also makes accessories such as bags and overgrips, it’s their strings—most notably the three aforementioned polyesters—that have…

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