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Mike Bryan Solinco Interview

Mike Bryan

“Heard players talking about [Solinco strings] in the locker room. Saw a lot of players using [Hyper-G]. It seemed like the new buzz was Solinco! So we decided to switch right before the US Open and fell in love with it.”

“Right away we noticed increased control, more power–which we wanted…my arm had been hurting me and [Hyper-G] was softer on the arm so right away we were hooked…we feel like we’re playing our best tennis.”

“Bob and I use Hyper-G 18-gauge and it’s a great string… As doubles players, we love the thinner gauge for more feel and control—also it gives us a little bit more pop on our serves. I’m always trying to get more power in my serve.

[Hyper-G] is an all around great string—for groundstrokes it gives you that bite so you can swing and accelerate pretty much as hard as you want and that ball will spin back into the court. It has a great combination of…power, feel, and control.”

“[Solinco] is reliable, you know you are getting the best product in the sport—way better than what we were using before.”

“We are psyched [about Solinco], we go on court with the confidence that we’re using the best technology out there….[Hyper-G] is the best on our bodies. We feel like our arms are safe. 

Every time [Solinco Hyper-G] is there for you when you need it for big match finals, Grand Slam Finals, Davis Cup matches—you know you are using a product that is superior.”

“We love being part of the Solinco Family…all of the people that work at Solinco are first-class people, they always return our calls, they send us [equipment] right away—doesn’t matter where we are in the world, [Solinco equipment] is going to arrive at our doorstep the next day.

“[Solinco] is always innovating—coming up with the best technology with racquets, with string…yeah, [Solinco] is cutting-edge so we are happy to be part of the family.”


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