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Racket Nut : Solinco Racquet Review w/ REDFOO

Red Foo

“What’s up party people! Solinco sent me the new racquet! … I just want to say big shout to Solinco, they sent me strings, I’m tight with them. They gave me a new bag…it’s all green and stuff!”

“Wow, solid baby, wow!”


“ This is my new racquet”

Red Foo

“This racquet is a 98, it’s incredible bro — let’s cut to the chase…best racquet I’ve ever felt.

Quote that, Red Foo says it’s the best racquet he’s ever felt….I need two more! I might even enter a tournament with it, I played so good. Put that quote on the website!

Red Foo : Best racquet I’ve ever felt…it’s solid, it feels like it’s got a dampener in the frame….I feel like it’s solid bro — the volleys are not even wobbly… this is solid…solid bro!”

“I got the Tour bite in 55 — get my plaque on the US Open, we’re going to put the stats… I’m 6’ 2,” 6’ 9” with the afro!”


“It feels great. It’s light, it’s easy to maneuver into place…but it’s a solid feel on the racquet…it has great pop”

Red Foo

“I’m choosing [Solinco Whiteout] …Solinco…way to go! 

Solinco..uh..uh..aye! aye! aye!”


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