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Introducing the Whiteout 18×20: A Closer Look at the Features and Design Behind Our Latest Model

The design intent of the Whiteout series was simple – create a feel-oriented racquet that offers players exceptional control and precision out of their game. Currently, the Whiteout is available in two customizable weights – 305 grams and 290 grams as well as a standard length of 27 inches and an extended length of 27.5 inches.

Introducing the Whiteout 305 – 18×20, offered in both standard (27 in.) and extended length (27.5 in.) sizes. This racquet is designed to empower players to excel in the game with precision, accuracy, and unwavering confidence in their shots.


The 18×20 builds upon the Whiteout’s signature qualities, catering to the aggressive, point-and-shoot player seeking greater penetration through the court. With more strings comes more all-court control, where players who can generate their own power can access new levels of precision from their heavy and fast swing speeds. The heart of the racquet remains the same, with the smooth handling players love from its foam-filled design and easy customization.


The Whiteout 18×20 along with other models in the series are equipped with four innovative technologies. They include:

FOAM TECH CORE: An optimally formulated PU density foam in the head of the racquet to reduce vibration and enhance the feel on impact.

WEIGHT CONTROL MODULE: With the Weight Control Module, players can easily swap out the racquet’s base plate with a 5 or 10 gram weighted plate within a matter of seconds. This feature makes it easy to modify and tailor the overall weight and balance of your racquet anytime, anywhere. Time to ditch the lead tape.

40T CARBON FIBER: High-modulus carbon fiber material strategically at 3 and 9 o’clock to increase the sweet spot, stability and power of the racquet.

LIQUID CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY: Liquid crystal fibers incorporated into the racquet handle that filters out vibration and improves the feel and play of the racquet.


MODEL: 305 – 18×20
LENGTH: 27 IN, 27.5 IN
*Given the higher density string pattern, players should expect a slightly higher overall weight, balance and swing weight once strung compared with the 16×19 pattern version. Contact us to learn more.
BEST STRING PAIRING: Hyper-G, Tour Bite, Confidential


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