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Introducing Hyper-G Round

The Hyper-G family is expanding. Enter our smooth operator: Hyper-G Round.


Hyper-G Round will be offered in both sets and reels, featuring an extended variety of four gauges, at the same price point of Hyper-G and Hyper-G Soft.

Lengths and Pricing:



Smooth Construction, Aggressive Shotmaking

  • Features a high-powered filament fiber engineered with Solinco’s proprietary manufacturing and chemical formula.
  • Designed with a smooth surface to maximize court penetration, power, and directional control.

Superior Performance and Durability in Hybrid Setups

  • Enhances durability and performance when hybrided with synthetic, multifilament, or natural gut strings.
  • Boosts performance in a poly-poly hybrid setup.
  • Recommended hybrid configurations include Hyper-G Round with Hyper-G and Hyper-G Soft.
  • Hyper-G Round’s smooth composition provides a consistent and uniform stringbed for better ball control.
  • The string’s round profile delivers enhanced snapback, giving you the ability to generate strong spin on the ball.


Hyper-G Round joins Outlast as another heavyweight option for players who thrive with round polyester strings. Round strings carry a unique set of performance advantages. Their primary benefit is their ability to enhance the performance and durability of a hybrid string setup.

Round strings enable players to generate increased power and penetration in their shots, resulting in a deeper, heavier ball into the court. Discover the differences between shaped and round strings in our guide.


We’ve rounded up the best reviews from players who’ve tried Hyper-G Round. Standout highlights from reviewers include: increased court penetration, durability, and strong spin on the ball.


Since 2014, Hyper-G has endured as the top string choice for tennis players around the globe, keeping it at the cutting-edge of performance and timeless design. More additions within the Hyper-G line will follow in the coming years as Solinco accelerates its commitment to products that cater to a wide range of playing styles.

Every new Solinco product introduced to the market aims to address two fundamental questions: What are the performance desires of players, and how can we meet those needs through innovative equipment configurations? Hyper-G Round embodies a distinctly Solinco commitment to a player-first, and highly customizable product line. Whether round, shaped, 20 gauge, soft, or original, every option is engineered to deliver peak performance.


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