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whiteout 18x20 top reviews

Explore the Whiteout 18×20’s Top Reviews: An Excellent All-Around Frame

The world of tennis racquets can be intricate and complex. With plenty of factors to consider, from string pattern, to weights and technologies, choosing your perfect frame can seem like a daunting task.

Guided by the philosophy that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your game, Solinco offers a distinct range of racquet options to meet the needs of even the most discerning player types.

Take for example, the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 – a perfect counterforce to the common 16×19 frame that delivers a competitive advantage in just about every category.

Since its launch back in June, the Whiteout 18×20 has built a reputation for its remarkable blend of precise control, effortless power, and feel. Currently, our racquet is available at select high-performance tennis retailers in the United States.

Want to know if an 18×20 racquet is right for you? We’ve rounded up the best reviews for the Whiteout 18×20 and the 18×20 XTD. Read on to uncover what sets this racquet apart from the players who have resoundingly embraced it as a game-changing addition to their equipment arsenal.


The biggest difference between the Whiteout 18×20 vs. its standard 16×19 version, as you may have guessed, lies in the string pattern. The Whiteout 18×20 model is a 98 square inch racquet geared towards players who seek precision and control from their game. The magic lies in its closed string pattern, which means the strings sit closer together, allowing for more contact with the ball and a more controlled ball response.

Additionally, the 18×20 is a foam-filled racquet that features our innovative technology known as the Foam Tech Core. This core enhances the racquet’s stability and delivers a balanced feel, offering players more controllable power.

For those on the hunt for extended racquets, the 18×20 XTD model steps in. At 27.5 inches in length, it amplifies the racquet’s signature point-and-shoot characteristics without compromising its overall stability.

The Whiteout 305 – 18×20 XTD stands alone in the market as no other tennis equipment company offers an 18×20 extended frame. Taking this leap into the unknown has resulted in an exceptional, extended control racquet that easily taps into heavy power thanks to its elongated levers.

One of the most groundbreaking features of the Whiteout and Blackout racquets is the Weight Control Module. This integrated module comes in a 5 or 10 gram weighted buttcap and can be easily inserted into the butt of the racquet to adjust its weight and balance.

Now that we’ve explored the racquet’s design qualities, let’s dive into the top reviews broken down in five criteria.


“Offers all the control I could ever ask for.”

Beckett Chung is a tournament tennis player and tennis content creator from Canada. He has devoted his YouTube channel called TennCom to the world of gear education.

In this video detailing his personal racquet journey and his transition to the Whiteout 18×20, Beckett engages in a conversation with Solinco’s racquet team engineer. Together, they delve into the intricate technology that underpins the racquet’s exceptional control, offering viewers a glimpse of what makes this racquet a gamechanger.


18×20 racquets are typically celebrated for their enhanced control over their ability to generate substantial spin. The Whiteout 18×20 has proven to be the exception, as one playtester attests to its remarkable spin capabilities.

“Very spin-friendly.”

“As I got my timing down with Whiteout 18×20, here are my thoughts:

  • There is more than enough power in the reserves – just have to swing for it. Not so low powered as I initially thought.
  • Control is predictable and pin-point.
  • Very, very spin friendly.
  • Nice feel at impact – Firm, yet comfortable. Muted, yet very communicative.
  • Easy to swing, even under pressure.
  • Stable against heavy shots.

I’m beginning to think WO 18×20 is the only racket I’d ever need. It does what heavier player’s sticks can do with being much lighter and easier to swing.”

-mhkeuns / Talk Tennis

*This review was collected as part of the Talk Tennis playtest for the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 and 18×20 XTD.


Many tennis players resort to makeshift customization methods to tailor their racquet to their unique preferences. Enter the Weight Control Module, an ingenious weighted butt cap integrated into the handle of the Whiteout and Blackout series. It’s a plug and play method for adjusting the racquet’s weight and balance via tailweighting.

“Tailweighting all my racquets now.”

“I put the [Weight Control Module] on both the Whiteout 18×20 XTD and the Blackout 300 XTD. I found them to help play a lot, so much to the extent I’ve started tailweighting all my racquets now. For me, the tailweight makes them feel more guidable through the swing path.

On groundstrokes, I felt like I was able to better absorb pace when my opponent went big, and I wasn’t late on shots, because the swingweight remained close to the same.”

-bleno567 / Talk Tennis

*This review was collected as part of the Talk Tennis playtest for the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 and 18×20 XTD.



An extra inch, or even half and inch, in length means an added boost in power. With the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 XTD, you get the best of both worlds.

“More free power.”

“I was able to put in more drive and consistently keep it deeper without fear of sailing long. Power is in an oddly perfect spot for me. It is definitely a control-oriented racket; however, make it XTD, and all of a sudden, you have a more free power.”

-bleno567 / Talk Tennis

*This review was collected as part of the Talk Tennis playtest for the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 and 18×20 XTD.

XTD Slices

The Whiteout 18×20 XTD excels in one particular aspect: its slicing capabilities. One playtester notes that the slice with this racquet is not only more forgiving than other low-powered racquets, but imparts enough force and precision behind the ball. 

“The higher swing-weight of the Whiteout 18×20 XTD makes slices amazing, but not in the way you might be thinking.”

“You can slice with such ease and with enough power without having to really put so much racket head speed into the slice. This allows me to relax and really just get a good proper follow through forward on the slice and it always lands deep on the other side. With some lower power rackets, I feel like I have to almost knife it sometimes which can lead to bad technique and wonky slices.”

-SupahMan5000 / Talk Tennis

*This review was collected as part of the Talk Tennis playtest for the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 and 18×20 XTD.


If the Whiteout didn’t deliver in terms of stability and feel, we’d have a problem. The Whiteout 18×20 is frequently praised for its exceptional maneuverability, especially during crucial moments at the net. It’s well-distributed balance imparts a sensation of all-around stability.

“Feels stable everywhere.”

Catch Harry, Coach Gu, and Coach Chris review the Solinco Whiteout 18×20 in one of their classic real-time, playtest videos.

“Quick changes at the net are easy to accomplish.”

“The racquet moves smoothly and fast through the air, allowing me to make the best contact with the ball. Due to the balance of the racquet, quick changes in direction or angle at the net are easy to accomplish.

The Whiteout welcomes you with a solid and stable feeling. That stability continues on volleys or when redirecting heavy balls. The racquet is rarely pushed or twisted during hits which would suggest a healthy amount of twist weight.”

-Isca / Talk Tennis

*This review was collected as part of the Talk Tennis playtest for the Whiteout 305 – 18×20 and 18×20 XTD.

Other Notable Reviews

The Bottom Line

Solinco has introduced a stellar addition to its high-performance racquet lineup. Designed with the discerning control and finesse player in mind, the Whiteout 18×20 shines with its remarkable blend of precision, power, and spin, making it a versatile option every playing styles. Notably, the racquet’s Weight Control Module empowers players to customize the weight and balance of the racquet, offering an unmatched level of personalization for players to dial-in their performance.

The Solinco Whiteout 18×20 and 18×20 XTD are available at select tennis retailers in the U.S. For more information, please email


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