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Total Blackout: Your Comprehensive Guide on the Blackout Series

Our power frame, the Blackout, is designed for players seeking a powerful and explosive all-court experience. This racquet is uniquely engineered with a Power Flex Zone that enhances the flex of the racquet to generate massive ‘pop’ behind every shot. Whether you’re a player who enjoys picking your opponent apart from the baseline or finishing points at the net, there’s a racquet in the Blackout series designed for you. Discover your Blackout model below.

Blackout Series Snapshot

MODELS: 300, 300 XTD, 285, 265, 245


WEIGHTS: 300 G, 285 G, 265 G, 245 G

LENGTH: 26 IN (245), 27 IN (300, 285, 265), 27.5 IN (300 XTD)

BEAM WIDTH: 23.5 MM / 26 MM / 23 MM



  • WEIGHT CONTROL MODULE – 5 and 10 gram weighted buttcap for players to easily modify the weight and balance of their racquet. Learn more
  • 40T CARBON FIBER – 40T Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber technology placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions to enhance the racquet’s impact zone, stability, and power.
  • POWER FLEX ZONE – The Max beam height is strategically placed at 5 and 7 o’clock positions to maximize the flex and power of the racquet.
  • LIQUID CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY – Liquid Crystal Fibers are incorporated into the design of the racquet to optimize flex, reduce vibration, and improve overall feel.

Who should use the Blackout?

Blackout 300

The Blackout 300 is the most popular frame in the series. This racquet is designed for competitive players who thrive with a ton of power in their shots and can control that power through spin. Junior elite and Pro players favor the Blackout for its ‘easy power’ and added performance on every shot.

Blackout 300 XTD

With an added length of half an inch, the Blackout XTD enhances the key attributes of the Blackout 300 model. The XTD appeals to players who desire extra reach and a powerful boost on their serve. Whether you are a doubles player who is dependent on your serve and volley, not the tallest player, or someone who seeks greater reach in their strokes, the XTD can deliver.

Blackout 285

The Blackout 285 is a lighter frame that works well for tennis beginners and intermediates. It’s light enough to swing comfortably, while still giving you its signature ‘easy power’.

Blackout 265

The Blackout 265 is the lightest standard length racquet in the Blackout family. It’s designed for junior competitive players ages 8 to 13 years old, and is a great option for senior players who desire the shoulder relief that comes from a lighter frame.

Blackout 245

The Blackout 245 is a 26 inch. racquet and a great lightweight options for young players who have outgrown their aluminum frame. It serves as a first stepping stone to a high-performance racquet.

Best string pairings:

Reviewer highlights [via]

  • Easy acceleration combined with a thick, stiff frame added up to a powerful stick that was also fairly consistent.
  • Whether bashing balls to the corners or using its extra juice to get out of trouble, it excelled at baseline play.
  • Capable of doing damage with volleys—especially chest-high and above—and ruthless on overheads.

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