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Laying the Foundation for ATP Greatness

Behind the Game with “Zizou” Izyan Ahmad

Last month, Team Solinco athlete Izyan Ahmad, better known as Zizou, made headlines when he met his all-time tennis idol, Roger Federer. In a moment of pure joy and excitement, the two played for over an hour at a training club in Zurich. The event came five years after 7-year-old Zizou asked Federer to continue playing until he himself became a Pro and could take on the former World No. 1.

Solinco discovered Zizou’s talent when he trained at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) in New York. Already, he has been recognized for his raw talent, passion for tennis, and focus on and off the court, laying a foundation for ATP success. Currently, Zizou has a #6 USTA ranking and #3 National ranking, playing with Solinco’s Hyper-G string.

Solinco caught up with Zizou at the 2022 US Open, where he was honored at the USTA Eastern Junior Awards Gala for being the #1 ranked player in the Boys 12 and under division. Shortly after that ceremony, Zizou would win first place yet again in the Robbie Wagner’s Boys 14 Labor Day tournament.

Looking forward, Zizou will continue to train at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) as a Team BNP Paribas Mac 1. The program helps the most promising young American talents reach the next level with financial assistance to access international tennis competitions and intensive training under the direct supervision of Patrick and John McEnroe.

Although he still has a ways to go, Zizou is off to a great start and shows promise for the future. Solinco looks forward to being a part of Zizou’s rise through the rankings and journey to greatness.

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