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Up close image of the Whiteout 305 XTD

Expert Reviews of the Solinco Whiteout 305 XTD

Learn what expert reviewers think about the Whiteout 305 XTD.

Since its release in July 2022, The Whiteout 305 XTD is already making waves among industry experts and players alike. Engineered with 40T Carbon Fiber and a Foam Tech Core that optimizes stability and reduces vibration, reviewers note the racquet’s sleek design, comfort, and effortless punch behind every shot.


Tennis Express

“One of the things that’s really nice about these frames is that you can back off the baseline and really create a lot of spin and with the maneuverable weight, and you can do it again and again without any arm fatigue. I would recommend this racquet to an intermediate or advanced level player that is comfortable producing their own power, which means they’ve got the prerequisite racquet head speed, and they’re looking for a little bit more control, but they also want a little bit of extra power and reach from the back of the court.”

Solow Sports

“This racquet is perfect for 4.0 or higher players with varying grip styles who like to play an aggressive all-court game and control the point on their terms. I could flatten out the ball to attack with its thin beam, yet the open pattern allowed me to create heavy spin angles and even quality kick serves. My slices, drop shots and overall feel of the racquet was heightened, yet the liquid crystal and foam tech core smoothed it out, so that my elbow was not screaming in the morning.”

Tennis Warehouse

“This racket had very usable realistic power for me. I had no problem reaching the baseline, but it really seemed like the extra half inch compared to say, the standard length, just made everything more penetrating, maybe five percent better on all my shots.”

Another reviewer said: “This racquet has super easy access to spin. I enjoyed it the most on my backhand slice. That was by far one of my favorite shots to hit. This racquet could really drive through the ball well, hit a knifing, low skidding slice. If you’ve got good technique, I think it’s going to be a rock-solid racquet in your hands at the net as well.”

Gladiators Tennis

“The real name of this racquet should be “easy as f***”, because that’s how it felt to do every single shot with it.” Reviewers from Gladiators Tennis give the Whiteout a 9/10 sexiness rating.


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