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The Tech Behind the Blackout’s Effortless Power: Exploring the Power Flex Zone

In designing the Blackout series, our goal was simple: create a power frame capable of achieving maximum power without sacrificing its core stability and forgiveness. Our solution was the Power Flex Zone : an innovative approach to racquet design in the Blackout that enables its effortless power.

To generate power, players should consider their swing speed and the weight of their racquet. These two factors provide the inertia and mass necessary for more power. Equally as important is the construction of the frame that influences its overall stiffness or flex. A more flexible frame absorbs more energy, reducing the power it imparts on the ball, while a stiffer frame minimizes energy loss and generates more power.

With this in mind, we reinvented the shape of the Blackout to control how it flexes when it makes contact with the ball. In the Power Flex Zone, we made the throat of the racquet thicker and strategically placed the max beam height near the 5 and 7 o’clock positions. This special combination controls how much the racquet bends and, as a result, maximizes the power return to the ball.

In the Blackout, players with an aggressive, all-court game get the perfect compromise between performance and comfort. The power flex zone controls the flex of the racquet, while its intrinsic 40T Carbon Fiber technology produces a bigger sweet spot for players to go all-out on every swing. The result is a high-performance racquet with more forgiveness and flexibility for the player who desires great performance, easy power, and a clean, crisp feel from their frame.

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