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Solinco releases extended frames []

The longer models bring added variety to the Whiteout and Blackout lines

By Jon Levy via (Original Article)


Solinco has its sights set on becoming a complete tennis equipment company. An established string brand, earlier this year they added to its expanding catalog when it released two brand-new racquet lines. The Whiteout is a 98 square-inch frame designed for precision and comfort, while the Blackout is a 100 square-inch model that boasts easier spin and power. The racquets come in varying weights, but there was an option missing from the lineups: extended length.

The additions of the Whiteout 305 XTD and Blackout 100 XTD frames brings two newcomers and choices to the franchises. At 27.5 inches in length, the frames will provide extra reach and leverage on shots such as serves and two-handed backhands for added power and plow through. Except for the extra half-inch in length, the racquets essentially have the same specs as the standard length versions.

However, the extra length will typically increase the racquet’s swingweight without any increase to the static weight. While this is what helps give the frame extra backbone and pop, it also decreases the maneuverability. Along with the spacing and timing adjustments compared to standard length, it’s the most notable challenges presented by playing with a longer frame.

Set to release on July 1, the XTD models will be priced at $220 and available at tennis specialty retailers. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews.


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