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Solinco’s Signature “O” Stencil Channels 10+ years of Passion and Performance

Solinco’s signature O stencil has become a familiar symbol in competitions around the world, from the grassroots to the grand slams. This year, it makes its tenth appearance at the Australian Open – celebrating a decade of performance design, challenging the norm, and redefining tennis culture for the next generation.

A Symbol of 360 Performance

At the core, the “O” embodies our dedication to performance that covers the full spectrum of the sport. Over the last 10 years, Solinco has proven its prowess when it comes to state-of-the-art equipment, offering the most variety of string gauges and customization options to address every aspect of a player’s game. Athletes with the “O” on their racquets have considered their equipment beyond just the name, taking full advantage of Solinco’s bespoke product line. Whether looking for more spin, greater feel, or seamless racquet customization, players can fine tune the performance they want in the configuration they need. As a result, players step out on court with confidence, trusting their setup will deliver.

It Stands for Connection with a Family-Oriented Brand

Our global community of athletes are more than just metrics, they’re at the heart of our work building timeless, performance-driven equipment optimized for the court and beyond. We value our people as much as our commitment to quality and strive to go the extra mile to create a supportive, accessible environment. It’s in this spirit that we’ve disrupted the way the game is perceived. And we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is. With a long history of supporting grassroots tennis and the next generation of talent, we’ve breathed new innovation in an industry of tradition.

Winning All Over the World

Whether winning an ITF title or capturing a grand slam, the “O” stencil is a symbol of our players’ achievements and their endless desire to improve at every level. It represents years of hard work, grit, and persistence to master the sport they love. The “O” is anchored in shared beliefs and ideals that champion integrity, performance, inclusivity, and community. We’re proud to be a part of their success on and off the court, no matter the journey.

Find the Solinco “O” stencil at this year’s Australian Open and explore our line of performance strings and racquets


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