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Neon Revolution: How Hyper-G Took String Technology to New Dimensions

Eight years ago, Hyper-G became the first neon colored tennis string to be adopted by touring professionals –the birth of a neon revolution. Heads turned. People talked. And many found that yes, a high-performance string can sport radiant and wild colors. For the competitive tennis player, Hyper-G checked all the boxes through its unique blend of superior spin, power, and durability.

Building on the trailblazing success of Tour Bite, Hyper-G pushed the cycle of innovation forward, setting a new bar for co-poly performance. Its continuous momentum in the world of tennis has transformed the way players approach their equipment and the game today. Let’s take a look at the science and heritage behind our iconic Hyper-G string.


Precision in design and collaboration with industry professionals drives Solinco’s product innovations and continual refinement. Hyper-G was no exception to this rule. To build a string capable of topping the high-performance standards of Tour Bite, we sought to address two things in this new co-poly concept. First, we responded to the needs of top athletes seeking a more forgiving alternative to Hyper-G’s predecessor, Tour Bite. Our second goal was to significantly reduce tension loss that occurs within all co-poly strings. Working closely with our team of engineers, athletes, and experts, we discovered a new formula of materials, structures, additives, and dyes to increase the rotation and lifespan of the string.

Co-developed and extensively tested by ATP and WTA athletes, coaches, and string experts, our game-changing string was born. Its new formula making it more explosive and spin-friendly while retaining tension unlike previous generations of co-poly strings.

With a strong focus on the unifying bond between the product and the player, Hyper-G was forged to make a bright and powerful impact on player performance.


Color choice in the production of tennis strings is just as important as the materials used. Adding dye to the string’s composition impacts its playability and other attributes. It wasn’t about choosing a neon green color. The goal of Hyper-G was to establish the perfect balance between high-performance and string durability. Our signature “Hyper-Green’ just happened to be the ideal addition to achieve that goal.

Hyper-G was a welcome shock to the tennis world, with athletes quickly catching on to its performance-enhancing abilities. Placing performance above all else, athletes who switched to Hyper-G enjoyed success almost immediately and won numerous titles in the process. As the first bright-colored string to be adopted on tour, Hyper-G revolutionized string aesthetics and marked a new era in tennis performance. Today, the phrase “sea of green” is widely used by experts and enthusiasts to describe the mass of Hyper-G in everyone’s racquets, from elite to league players.


As the game of tennis continues to evolve, Hyper-G also evolves to meet the changing needs of athletes. Solinco responds to the need for diversity with its unmatched selection of gauges. Seven gauges are available to choose from in the Hyper-G line and range from 15L (1.35) to 20g (1.05). Players of all styles, sizes, and levels can easily find a version of Hyper-G that best fits their performance needs. Due to popular demand, we introduced Hyper-G Soft: a modified, softer formula of the original Hyper-G, to diversify the product line and cater to the vast range of tennis players. Designed with a softening chemical additive, Hyper-G soft offers the polyester veteran enhanced comfort and softness, while retaining the power and spin our strings are known for.

The Hyper-G name and performance characteristics extend to other products in our portfolio, offering a comprehensive and elevated tennis experience. Hyper-Sorb is a lightweight vibration dampener that provides optimal shock absorption. Our grip line features Hyper-Cush and Hyper-Grip, the former providing cushioning and the latter offering a tacky feel for comfortable and connected gameplay. Last, but not least, our stand-out Hyper-G tour bags speak to the creativity, desirability, and top-notch performance characteristics of our brand. Decked out in Hyper-green, the Hyper product family can light up any court.

With its remarkable track-record and ever-expanding product line, Hyper-G is settling nicely into the realm of timeless design.

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