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Introducing the Hyper-G Poly-Poly Hybrid System

Experience the ultimate poly-poly fusion with Solinco’s latest hybrid: the Hyper-G Hybrid System. Combines the shaped, Hyper-G with the smooth Hyper-G Round in one versatile pre-packaged set. Available now in tennis retailers.


A versatile poly-poly setup that combines the spin-enhancing, shaped Hyper-G with the smooth, control-focused Hyper-G Round in a single set, available in 16L and 17 gauge.

Lengths and Pricing:

16L (1.25)
17 (1.20)


Setup 1: Hyper-G Round in Mains:

  • Get more drive and penetration through the court.
  • Achieve a more aggressive linear launch angle for greater depth on your shots.
  • Unlock a more controlled response that enhances predictability and consistency in your game.

Setup 2: Hyper-G Round in the Crosses:

  • Get more spin and a heavier ball.
  • Play with a higher launch angle that gives more shape to your ball and adds more spin-based control to your game.
  • Adding a round string to the mix reduces friction and wear, extending your playtime on court.
  • Leverage a poly/poly hybrid setup to refine the power, spin, and control characteristics of your stringbed.
  • Choose a combination for your mains and crosses, then experiment with the gauge and tension until you achieve peak performance for your game.


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