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Expert Reviews of the Solinco Blackout 300 XTD

Learn what expert reviewers think about the Blackout 300 XTD.

Our powerhouse racquet, the Solinco Blackout 300 XTD has arrived. At 27.5 inches, it features a Power Flex Zone placed strategically at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions to improve the flex and maximize power. Reviewers praise the Blackout 300 for its explosive spin, hard-to-believe comfort, and consistent pop that players come to expect in a 100 sq. inch, 16×19 racquet. With a range of available weights and customization options, this racquet is capable of advancing the performance of players at all levels.


Tennis Express

“At 27.5 inches, the extended model definitely allows for extra reach, making it easier to get to those hard to reach shot. You’re able to generate a lot more power when you swing especially with the serve, you’re can really hit through the ball, getting a lot more pace behind it. I would highly recommend this particular racquet for players looking for just a little bit more reach and to generate a little bit more power behind their swing.”

Tennis Spin

*This video includes reviews of the Blackout 300 and 300 XTD models.*

Coach Gu said: “I prefer the extended version. It definitely had a little more control for me. I usually try to really hit through the ball so using the regular 300 model was tougher because I didn’t necessarily need that extra pop. Overall, my recommendation would be the 300 extended version.”

Tennis Warehouse x Bryan Brothers

Mike Bryan : “The Blackout uses 40-T Carbon Fiber in the frame which gives it amazing stability and power. There’s Liquid Crystal Technology in the handle which actually dampens the vibration and takes the stress off the arm. We needed this on tour when we were playing back in the day, this might bring us back, we might make a comeback with the Blackout 300 XTD.” 

Bob Bryan : “In doubles it’s fine, thin margins so we’re always aiming for lines. You have to be very precise with the returns and that’s what we’re really enjoying about this Blackout.”

Tennis Warehouse

“The access to spin was great, and my backhand slice was working better than with the standard-length version. I was getting more drive on my slices, and I felt like I could hold where I was going until the last instant.”

Another reviewer said, “The extra length was most apparent on serves. This is where the power potential was super fun. With a little bit of extra effort getting the racquet up and over my head, I could see the MPH on my serve go up a couple of notches, and I was winning some free points. My first serves were also landing deep in the service box.”


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