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Forbes Feature: Solinco Expands Whiteout Racket Line, Aims to Fill Market Gaps

Original article from Forbes by Tim NewcombApril 2023

What to know

  • Building on the success of its strings, Solinco has broadened its range of high-performance racquets with the introduction of the Whiteout 18×20.

  • The 18×20 frames are available in a 305 and 305 XTD. The XTD at 27.5 inch in length is something uncommon on the market — a gap Solinco hopes to fill in its pursuit to meet the needs of discerning tennis players.

  • The Whiteout 18×20 caters to a specific subset of players with an aggressive, faster swing speeds, as well as doubles players looking for more control.

  • Solinco has a roadmap for line extensions that includes additional racket iterations, whether from the Whiteout or Blackout, coming later in 2023 and into 2024. And it all matches up with new string advancements, part of a calculated effort from Solinco to advance in both strings and rackets.

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